Tuesday, September 22, 2015

That "Craft Rye" Whiskey is From Where?

This is an old story, but still timely.

"Dozens of new brands are packaging whiskey bought in bulk from Indiana," writes Eric Felten in The Daily Beast.

Just can't trust those distillers...even if they're Hoosiers.

Read about the scam here: "Your ‘Craft’ Rye Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana".

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Indiana in the News Again

"When Planned Parenthood leaves town, bad things follow. Ask the county in Indiana that drove out its clinic, which happened to be the only place in the area that offered H.I.V. testing. That was in 2013; in March the governor announced a “public health emergency” due to the spike in H.I.V. cases."

From "The Fight for Unplanned Parenthood" by Gail Collins in The New York Times

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Keep Saving Medicine Bottles for Malawi

"Anyone on prescription medicines finds themselves a bit uncomfortable when throwing away so many empty medicine bottles. It is obvious our landfills do not need these plastic containers! There is enough trash going into the landfills already," notes the Malawi Project.

"Save up a group of your containers.... Place them in boiling water until you are able to easily remove the labels, and the glue. Then box or bag them and send them to the Malawi Project."

Why? "It will help families in a third world country keep their medicines clean, out of reach of small children, and safe while they are being used."

Malawi Project Inc.
3314 Van Tassel Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240

This is such an easy thing to do -- and the charity sponsoring it is right here in Indy!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Trash Slide this Week

Yep: trash collection will be a day late this week because of the Labor Day holiday.

There's no notice about it on the city's Department of Public Works Trash Collection website, FWIW.

Hmmm. Maybe all the problems with the roll out of the ill-starred Blue Indy initiative made them overlook this essential city service?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toothless Watchdogs

"What happens when reporters, editors and their news organizations defer at every turn to the preferences of power? Short answer: Rot accumulates. Flaccid work becomes the norm. A slow, daily accretion of bad judgments, or refusals to judge independently, produces a weak institution that no longer understands its responsibilities, to say nothing of fulfilling them."

It's from a national story, but -- yes, that describes The Indianapolis Star these days.

Infrastructure problems pile up (streetlights anyone?) and the homicide rate soars, but Indy keeps shoveling millions at the Pacers, the Colts, Blue Indy -- the list goes on.

Having no watchdogs impacts all of us.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Street Closed? Nobody's Responsible.

This Indianapolis Observer has had a close up and personal look at the pass-the-buck nature of city services this month.

Ever since the mega-storm July 13, her street has been completely blocked by either (or both) downed trees and power lines.

It's now 10 days later: neighbors cut up and moved the tree blocking the street in one direction -- but despite promises, the city has not picked up the piles and piles of resulting storm debris in and along the roadway.

Power lines brought down on the road by the storm have been racheted up by IPL (and power restored), but Comcast wires still completely block the right-of-way because (IPL reports) of a broken guy wire.

There are no "road closed" signs alerting motorists to the blocked street, so they continue to do turnarounds on our lawns and driveways when they unexpectedly come up to the "caution" tape and orange cones (put up by some unknown entity) that are hidden around a curve.

Trash hasn't been picked up in a week (although the recycling truck had no problems with its collection). A written notice penned by the Department of Public Works and taped to my unemptied garbage can today says that's "due to power lines hanging down".

IPL says they're not power lines, but Comcast lines -- and IPL has called Comcast repeatedly since July 14.

So, what are Indy residents supposed to do when their street is blocked and neither storm debris nor trash is collected in a timely manner?

The Mayor's Action Center says "not my job".

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Hip-Hop Is Becoming the Oldies

And, with that provocative title, The New York Times delves into format changes on Indianapolis radio stations.

(Who knew Manhattan would be interested in what tunes are played on Indy radio!)

"One person at the Beat [93.9 FM] told [the reporter] that the station’s ideal listener is a woman between 35 and 44 who is a homeowner and her family’s decision maker. As of now, around 50 percent of the Beat’s audience is white, 45 percent is black and 4 percent is Hispanic (just 10 percent of Indianapolis is Hispanic)."

You can read the whole magazine feature online.

Your Indianapolis Observer is heading for her radio to take a listen.