Monday, November 23, 2015

(Partial) Trash Slide

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works reports that residential and heavy trash, curbside recycling and leaf collection will operate on a slide schedule this week in observance of Thanksgiving Day.

Residential trash, heavy trash, leaf collection and curbside recycling services will not be available on Thursday, 26 November. Instead, Thursday routes will run Friday, 27 November, and Friday routes will be picked up Saturday, 28 November. All services will return to normal schedules beginning next Monday, 30 November.

Now through 4 December, residents may leave up to 40 bags of leaves (in regular trash bags or paper yard waste bags) for collection on their regular trash day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bad Start, Hogsett

This Indianapolis Observer wishes to remind the new mayor that one of the reasons he won is the continuing rage against the myriad questionable decisions of Greg Ballard. Brewer had promised Ballard's "third term", and it didn't fly.

Therefore, agreeing to "continue Ballard's legacy" isn't a viable option.

According to, Hogsett "even praised two of the programs — the Vision Fleet electric car contract and BlueIndy car-sharing service — that Democrats on the Indianapolis City-County Council have spent the last year fighting.

“'From a conceptual standpoint, BlueIndy, Vision Fleet, I think are great ideas,' Hogsett said. 'The biggest criticisms haven’t been necessarily on the merits but rather the way the decisions were made.'"

Ummmm, no. There's more to the controversies than just the backroom dealing -- egregious as that is.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Indy voted for Ballard 2.0 in the guise of somebody who should know better.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Suit Filed Against Blue Indy

According to Advance Indiana, Marion County Auditor Julie Voorhies has filed a lawsuit against Blue Indy, LLC, the City of Indianapolis and Regions Bank to block payment of $6 million in Indy tax dollars to Blue Indy.

Now, this should be interesting given all the questions about this deal (from the lack of bids to the absence of UL certification for the charging stations...and more).

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's Pence Up to Now?

"Whatever one’s position on abortion, the use of tax dollars to support 'clinics' that offer no medical services — clinics that exist solely to lie to women in order to convince them to forego both abortion and contraception – is immoral."

Yes folks: our tone-deaf governor has inked a contract with Real Alternatives, which provides NO medical services, spending OUR TAX DOLLARS to promote a political agenda.

As the IBJ reported: "Gov. Mike Pence announced Monday that he will expand Indiana’s affiliation with a not-for-profit organization that counsels pregnant women against abortion and pushes abstinence as the only method of birth control."

Sheila Kennedy laments (that was her quote at the beginning of this post), you can't make this stuff up..

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

That "Craft Rye" Whiskey is From Where?

This is an old story, but still timely.

"Dozens of new brands are packaging whiskey bought in bulk from Indiana," writes Eric Felten in The Daily Beast.

Just can't trust those distillers...even if they're Hoosiers.

Read about the scam here: "Your ‘Craft’ Rye Whiskey Is Probably From a Factory Distillery in Indiana".

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Indiana in the News Again

"When Planned Parenthood leaves town, bad things follow. Ask the county in Indiana that drove out its clinic, which happened to be the only place in the area that offered H.I.V. testing. That was in 2013; in March the governor announced a “public health emergency” due to the spike in H.I.V. cases."

From "The Fight for Unplanned Parenthood" by Gail Collins in The New York Times

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Keep Saving Medicine Bottles for Malawi

"Anyone on prescription medicines finds themselves a bit uncomfortable when throwing away so many empty medicine bottles. It is obvious our landfills do not need these plastic containers! There is enough trash going into the landfills already," notes the Malawi Project.

"Save up a group of your containers.... Place them in boiling water until you are able to easily remove the labels, and the glue. Then box or bag them and send them to the Malawi Project."

Why? "It will help families in a third world country keep their medicines clean, out of reach of small children, and safe while they are being used."

Malawi Project Inc.
3314 Van Tassel Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46240

This is such an easy thing to do -- and the charity sponsoring it is right here in Indy!