Wednesday, May 2, 2007

L'Affaire Tobias, day 6

Gary Varvel's cartoon in today's Indianapolis Star.

From Varvel's blog:
Here's the scoop. We had a discussion in the office about this cartoon and we were split. When I drew it, I sketched but didn't ink in a box of "Cialis" between the brief case and the newspaper. Some felt it was unfair. Some thought it was fair game (since he worked for Lilly). Everyone thought it was funny. After all, it's not like everyone hasn't already thought of it. I am just providing the visual. Ultimately, I was a little uncomfortable with it so I left it out.

And, this also from today's Star:
"Fighting the urge to rub it in" by editorial columnist Dan Carpenter.

And this one from the Los Angeles Times, (thanks, Ruth):
"Washington sexual fantasy service 'madam' identifying clients: Service owner says her clients were "high in the echelons of power' and she wants their help in her legal defense".

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