Thursday, July 19, 2007

...Just HAD to Share This List!

Courtesy of Taking Down Words blogspot are the Bestest Circle City Things:

* Best Place To Hang Out On A Friday Night, Drink Huge Beers, Meet Your Future Spouse: The Rathskeller
* Most Gastronomic Fun You Can Have With Unsuspecting Out-Of-Town Guests: St. Elmo shrimp cocktail sauce
* Cheapest Date: a stroll on the Downtown Canal, followed by $1 beer night at the Distillery
* Second Cheapest Date: lawn seats for an Indians game, pack your own food and drinks
* Most Adorable Local Weathercaster: Angela Buchman
* Best Way To Get Some Free Culture: IDADA First Friday art tours
* People-Watching Event Of The Year: Gen Con
* Guiltiest Pleasure: South Bend Chocolate Company chocolate malts
* Adult Attraction Most Unfortunately Not Located Downtown: Indianapolis Museum of Art
* Kidlet Attraction Most Unfortunately Not Located Downtown: Children's Museum
* Best Music Venue If You're Angling For That Feet-Stuck-To-The-Floor Atmosphere: The Vogue
* Top Compliment Visitors Pay: "Y'all are just so nice and friendly here."

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