Saturday, September 22, 2007

Revolving Think Tanks: Carmel, not Hudson

The Hudson Institute may have fled its tony mansion in Indy for the East Coast, but there's a new think tank on Indy's horizon. The newly formed Carmel Institute has offered $20 million for the former Hilbert mansion in Carmel. That bid matches Conseco Inc.’s asking price for the 40-acre estate, which has been on the market for two years. The new institute's future president and chief executive, Scott Massey, heads the consultancy Global Strategies. He is former executive director of the Indiana Humanities Council. According to WTHR, The Carmel Institute is an executive retreat center and conference center. The Indianapolis Star adds, "The Spiritual Enterprise Institute, the nonprofit organization of Roosevelt Group chief executive Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, put up a $50 million endowment for The Carmel Institute.... Malloch said The Carmel Institute also has received funds from the John Templeton Foundation, which gave $3 million, and the Ford Foundation, which gave $1 million."

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