Sunday, June 1, 2008

Indianapolis Prize Nominations Sought

The Indianapolis Prize -- the largest individual monetary award for animal conservation in the world -- is given to an individual animal conservationist who has made significant achievements in advancing the sustainability of an animal species or group of species.

The 2008 winner of the Indianapolis Prize is George Schaller Ph.D., senior conservationist for the Wildlife Conservation Society and Vice President of the Panthera Foundation. The previous winner was Dr. George Archibald of the International Crane Foundation.

The nomination process for the 2010 Indianapolis Prize has begun, with nominations accepted until 1 December 2008.

The $100,000 biennial award brings attention to the cause of animal conservation and the men and women who spend their lives saving the world’s endangered species. It is given as an unrestricted gift to the chosen recipient.

The Indianapolis Prize was initiated in 2004 by the Indianapolis Zoo as a significant component of its mission to inspire local and global communities to celebrate, protect and preserve our natural world through conservation, education and research.

Any individual may nominate a candidate for the Indianapolis Prize. To be accepted as Nominees, individuals must have accomplished a personal achievement or series of achievements that have resulted in a demonstrable positive impact on an animal species or group of species that is likely to improve the species’ likelihood of long-term sustainability.

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