Sunday, August 30, 2009

The IPS Board Can't See the IPS Budget?

That's what Eugene White, superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, told Kelly E. Bentley, an IPS board member, according to The Indianapolis Star today.

Supt. White "said he wouldn't waste the board's time by giving it the entire budget to review," according to "Behind Closed Doors".

"'We have not, and we don't intend to, give you the specificity of each of those items,' White said. 'It would be too prohibitive for you to go through that. . . . We're not going to bring that to you. We're asking you to approve the budget, and to go any deeper than that would take a lot of your time and be ridiculous.'"

This Indianapolis Observer thinks that Ms. Bentley, who was the only board member to vote against the budget as presented, is the only IPS board member worth the title.

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