Monday, September 21, 2009

Comcast Offers Discovery Education "On Demand"

Comcast Corp. is making videos seen on the Discovery Education channel available on demand to its Indianapolis-area digital subscribers, reports the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Central and Northeast Indiana are the first regions in the country where Pennsylvania-based Comcast will offer the service, called Discovery Education On Demand.

Discovery Education, a unit of Maryland-based Discovery Communications LLC, provides educational videos to half of all U.S. schools, as well as to home subscribers. The new service, however, will allow parents and their kids to pause, fast forward and rewind more than 200 educational videos—and watch them at any time.

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Guess What I Heard said...

DIRTY Politics in Public Safety!!!

IFD recently merged with the Perry Township Fire Department in what was lauded as a great accomplishment for the city of Indianapolis. What you don’t know is that there was a secret deal brokered with former Public Safety Director Scott Newman, outgoing Chief of Staff Paul Okeson, and current Perry Township Trustee, Gary Coons. Here are the details:
1. Gary Coons informed Paul Okeson and Scott Newman that if they promised him a job in the current administration that he would guarantee them that the merger for PFD would go through no matter what. The promised job was that he would be the Director or the Deputy Director of Emergency Management since there were two vacant positions. All parties agreed that was acceptable.
2. Jim White was given the position as Director of EMA and stated he did not need a Deputy Director and has said to multiple sources that he does not want Gary Coons even if he did get a Deputy Director.
3. Gary Coons was upset and felt betrayed and he confronted Newman and Okeson about the deal they had made. Newman and Okeson informed Coons to apply for the now vacant position of Director of Public Safety saying he would have an influential position in the administration as the Director. Coons applied for the position along with several hundred other applicants.
4. Recently PFD merged with IFD and Mayor Ballard held a town-hall meeting at the PFD Station on September 5, 2009 to discuss the benefits of the merger. Gary Coons who was present at the meeting was rumored to have had a conversation with acting Director of Public Safety Mark Renner about a new job. Several individuals overheard Renner and Coons talking about his new position and his start date. No one knew what position they were talking about.
5. On the week of September 7th Gary Coons started a new position with the Department of Public Safety as the Department of Public Safety’s Liaison. His salary is over a staggering $70,000 per year all while he is STILL the trustee of Perry Township!
a. The job was NEVER posted on the city’s website.
b. His role is very vague and he is not connected will enough to be a liaison for the city according to associates of Coons.
c. He is still earning a salary of $40,000 as the trustee in addition to his new salary and has said he does not intend to resign.
6. Renner is attempting to become the Director of Public Safety and has been informed by Okeson and Newman that they would push for him to become the new Director on the condition that he promotes Coons as his Deputy Director.
What happened to the Mayor’s promise of being “transparent” and NOT playing the usual political games that others played?
P.S.- Current Director of Re-Entry Khadejha Muhammad is being replace by Marion County Republican Party Chairman, Tom John’s girlfriend’s –best friend, Rhiannon Williams. Rhiannon Williams is the current director of Pace-OAR and has been said by many to publicly express her dissatisfaction with Khadejha Muhammad and that she would do a better job in that position. Muhammad was recently applauded for her outstanding work by Tony Dungy on national news. The sad part is that all of this was orchestrated by none other than…Paul Okeson and Scott Newman. I guess we all know who runs the administration and will be picking the new Public Safety Director for the Mayor….oh wait they already did pick him and the Mayor just doesn’t know that it’s none other than…Mark Renner.