Friday, October 9, 2009

Oops? Ballard Goof: Illegal or Merely Unethical?

According to Advance Indiana, it seems that Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard has crossed an ethical line in a recent email:

"Should Mayor Greg Ballard be using a taxpayer asset to lean on city-county workers to support the November 3 Wishard referendum? An e-mail a commenter passed on to me that Mayor Ballard sent to all government workers on Thursday sure makes it look that way. The e-mail purports to solicit city-county workers to volunteer as poll workers on election day, but it throws in what looks an awful lot like a pitch to support the passage of the referendum with an extremely misleading statement."

The statement in Ballard's email? This: "In less than 30 days, Marion County voters will go to the polls to participate in a countywide referendum election to vote on whether the Health and Hospital Corporation should improve Wishard at no cost to tax payers."

This Indianapolis Observer wonders who's advising Ballard these days. Obviously not someone versed in the law or that "improve Wishard at no cost to tax payers" statement wouldn't have passed muster on an email sent to all city employees!

As Gary Welsh says, "I have no problem with Mayor Ballard asking city workers to help out as election workers, but I have a serious problem with him using the city-county e-mail system to promote passage of the referendum."

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