Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crass Parking Ploy Reframed as "Innovative Modernization"

Does the 25th floor really believe we'll buy this load of bullfeathers? This Indianapolis Observer hopes a huge citizen turnout will quash this monster before it's implemented.

Here's the press release, straight from the Mayor's Office (bold face added by yours truly):

INDIANAPOLIS – The City-County Council Rules and Public Policy Committee will continue its review of Mayor Greg Ballard’s parking proposal during their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Sept. 28. The committee will discuss the proposed ordinance and hear updates on the parking modernization effort from Mayor (sic) Michael Huber and Deron Kintner, Indianapolis Bond Bank Executive Director.

Council Rules and Public Policy Committee Meeting

Room 260, City-County Building

Tuesday, Sept. 28
5:30 p.m.

The City has been undergoing a bid process to determine opportunities for efficiencies in the present parking system to include curbside meters and garage parking. On Aug. 20, Mayor Ballard announced the ACS team as the proposed operator of the parking system. If approved by the Council, ACS will provide the City with a $35 million upfront payment, then a continuing stream of revenue from parking meter proceeds and violations. It is anticipated the City will collect approximately $400 million in ongoing revenue share over the length of the agreement as compared to an estimated $37 million if the city were to do nothing.

This innovative public-private partnership will provide a $35 million upfront payment that will be directly invested in improving the City’s infrastructure in the downtown and Broad Ripple areas, along with an increased revenue stream over the life of the agreement. In addition, the proposal will also modernize the City’s parking meters with new meter technology, increase convenience by allowing users to pay with a credit or debit card and spur economic development.

By modernizing the City’s parking system, residents, employees and visitors of downtown and Broad Ripple will have a better parking experience. New multi-space meter technology will enhance quality of life, making parking more convenient for customers by accepting credit cards and increasing available space. Convenience and turnover are key elements of creating a vibrant economic environment.

For more information about the public parking system initiative and to view all submitted proposals, please visit www.indy.gov/parking.

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