Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Plays by Arabs at IndyFringe Theatre

Three works by Arab playwrights will be staged at IndyFringe Theater, 719 East St. Clair Street, Indianapolis, at 7:30 p.m. on both February 18 and 19.

In the one-act plays, audiences are transported to the Middle East to examine these war-torn lands. "Between War and Peace", "Baggage" and "A Tree at the Border" offer the perspectives of playwrights from Egypt, Palestine and Jordan on what it means to be human in such trying times.

"Between War and Peace" by Tawfiq al-Hakim of Egypt is a comic allegory. The seductive Politica, wife of War, sits in her boudoir flirting with her clandestine suitor Peace.

"Baggage" by Fateh Azzam of Palestine is a one-person drama featuring off-stage voices. In an airport waiting lounge, a traveler struggles with the baggage of his past. He is torn between boarding a flight to his future and leaving his baggage behind, or checking it once more for a return flight to his emotional memories as young refugee.

"A Tree at the Border" is a new play by Mahmood Zyoudi of Jordan. In a little village far from the halls of power, there is a great tree around which life has revolved for generations. However, one day a Blue Hat from the United Nations appears to announce a cease-fire in a war no one understands. A new international boundary cuts the village, and their tree, in half. How can the villagers unite one more time around their tree? Perhaps an arranged wedding between a lowly laborer from one side and an orphaned girl from the other will succeed where all else fails.

The trio of plays are presented by the Hanover College Theater. Tickets, available online, are $15 for adults.

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