Monday, December 26, 2011

Trash Will "Slide" for Two Weeks - NOT!

On holidays without trash collection, a slide schedule is observed. Normal collection days will 'slide' to one day later if the resident's normal collection day falls on or after the holiday.

So, since Christmas is observed today (December 26) and New Year's Day is observed a week from today (January 2), it seems that trash collection is on its "slide schedule" this week and next.

Or, maybe not. Your Indianapolis Observer can find NOTHING on the site regarding trash collection schedules when a holiday is observed on a different day than the one on which it occurs.

And, surprise! trash collection is unaffected by Christmas or New Year's this season.


Anonymous said...

My trash collection occurred this morning, the normal day for my Nora neighborhood. I missed getting my trash out as the trucks, for some reason (sarcasm, a lot of neighbors also did not have their trash out), ran much faster than normal.

Downtown Indy said...


It is running on schedule today.