Monday, July 30, 2012

Ballard Staff Cashes In During Recession

Gary R. Welsh, "Despite a large budget deficit the City of Indianapolis is facing, Mayor Greg Ballard handed out pay raises as high as 31% for top members of his staff."

This Indianapolis Observer wonders just how hizzoner got away with that misuse of taxpayer money!

UPDATE (added 31 July):
"Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard’s staff received a collective 18-percent raise this spring following the hiring of a new deputy for education with an annual salary of $120,000."

Check out the details in this report: "Dems grumbling over big raises for Ballard's staff".

This Indianapolis Observer knows it's not "only the Dems" who are astonished at Ballard's giving his staff huge raises when simultaneously talking about huge public safety cuts!

UPDATE (added 1 August):
Here's the new normal. Gary R. Welsh writes about Ballard's boneheaded move on Monday. elaborates on the story on Tuesday. And, on Wednesday (today) The Indianapolis Star puts the three-day-old news on page one.

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