Thursday, March 21, 2013

Marion County Lost Population

Indiana’s urban counties lose population even as people flock to large communities, reports the Center for Business and Economic Research at Ball State University.

The center has examined migration data derived from federal income tax returns to analyze migration flows into and out of all 92 Indiana counties. As in other states, people in Indiana tend to settle in or near urban counties.

Urban core counties such as Marion, Lake, Allen, and St. Joseph have the highest level of in-migration in the state, but have even higher levels of out-migration, leading to negative net migration in these counties.

The study — “Indiana Migration Flows: An Analysis of IRS Data” — also found that suburban counties, such as Hamilton and Hendricks, have higher levels of in-migration than out-migration.

About 60 percent of migration activity occurs from people moving within the state, the study found.

For more information, contact Dagney Faulk, CBER’s research director at or 765:285-5926.


Anonymous said...

The 2000 Census said Marion County's population was 860,454. The 2010 Census said the county's population was 903,393. Increase of 42,939. Last week Census Bureau released estimates of population as of July 1, 2012. That population was 918,977. Up 15,584 from 2010. By any measure, Census Bureau documents that Marion County is GAINING not LOSING population. Don't believe the false hype.

Indianapolis Observer said...

Ball State used IRS data, not census data. Evidently the two do not agree!