Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Your Indianapolis Observer, a home-grown internationalist by nature, is perplexed by Mayor Greg Ballard's global initiatives.

Newly-designated Sister Cities for which there is no local groundswell of interest? Understandable, if insupportable.

Building a Chinatown? Fanciful thinking that'll go nowhere.

But, a cricket stadium for a city that can't maintain the city parks and swimming pools it has now?

That's just plain looney!

Full disclosure: your Indy Observer has never been able to sit through an entire cricket match as a spectator; the game is an acquired taste.

(Photo by Thad Zajdowicz)

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Anonymous said...

Unable to sit through a game? You bowl, you bat, you catch, you run...hardly rocket science, it's a ball game...you 'silly mid-off'.