Saturday, June 8, 2013

New IndyGo Route Traverses 86th Street/82nd Street

On Monday (10 June), IndyGo will introduce its new cross town service on Indianapolis's north side.

The Route 86 will travel along the 86th St./82nd St. corridor with service between Traders Point and Community North Hospital every 30 minutes, Monday through Saturday.

This new local service route has stops approximately every 1/4 mile and connects with seven other IndyGo routes. Buses will use the curb lane to stop for passengers wanting to board or exit. Expect to see heavier pedestrian traffic and stopped buses along the route especially at local bus connection points:
*West 86th St. at Michigan Rd. for connections with Route 34.
*West 86th St. at Harcourt Rd. for connections with Route 28.
*West 86th St. at College Ave. for Connections with Route 18.
*Inside the Keystone Crossing development for connections with Routes 26 and 18.
*Inside Castleton Mall parking lot for connections with Route 19.
*Inside Community Hospital North campus for connections with Route 4.

This Indianapolis Observer is grateful for a long overdue bus route.

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