Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trash Pickup? Who knows!

Indygov's trash collection website is still talking 'bout the first week in January.

Who knows when we'll have trash pickup -- or what'll be picked up in "double collection" (if that ever happens).

This Indianapolis Observer thinks that the trash pickup folks are the same ones who are responsible for snow removal (which also hasn't happened in this part of Indy). (Yes, that was a bit of snark.)

UPDATE: Oh -- and, next week is the holiday-induced "trash slide". Yep. No Monday pickup on 19 January, so everybody's pickup is pushed back a day.

Except this Indianapolis Observer's trash from LAST Wednesday (14 January) has yet to be picked up. It's been sitting at the curb since Tuesday night (13 January).

UPDATE 2: This Indianapolis Observer's trash was picked up about 6 p.m. Friday (16 January). Whew!

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