Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let the Team Owner Pay for the Stadium

Everybody with a stake in the soccer stadium discussion needs to read this article by Neil deMause on Field of Schemes.

Although he's writing about the wrangling over funding a soccer stadium in Minneapolis, his assessment speaks to the same wrangling over funding of a soccer stadium in Indianapolis.

Check out "Star Tribune nails trees, misses forest in Minnesota United stadium coverage" (and note that the newspaper has a direct interest in the funding discussion).

(Speaking of which, check out this: "U-T San Diego columnist: I was fired for not being “positive” enough about stadium deals", on the same online publication.)

This Indianapolis Observer is definitely a soccer fan, but not if taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for the team's stadium (thus enriching the owners -- as we're doing for basketball, football and now auto racing in Indianapolis).

Fix the potholes already. Replace the dead trees in the median of 38th Street. Upgrade city parks. Get new (non-electric) cars for IMPD. There are plenty of priority items that need funding more than yet another spectator sport.

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