Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bad Start, Hogsett

This Indianapolis Observer wishes to remind the new mayor that one of the reasons he won is the continuing rage against the myriad questionable decisions of Greg Ballard. Brewer had promised Ballard's "third term", and it didn't fly.

Therefore, agreeing to "continue Ballard's legacy" isn't a viable option.

According to, Hogsett "even praised two of the programs — the Vision Fleet electric car contract and BlueIndy car-sharing service — that Democrats on the Indianapolis City-County Council have spent the last year fighting.

“'From a conceptual standpoint, BlueIndy, Vision Fleet, I think are great ideas,' Hogsett said. 'The biggest criticisms haven’t been necessarily on the merits but rather the way the decisions were made.'"

Ummmm, no. There's more to the controversies than just the backroom dealing -- egregious as that is.

Guess we'll have to wait and see if Indy voted for Ballard 2.0 in the guise of somebody who should know better.

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Anonymous said...

This should be NO surprise to any thinking human being. Hogsett stated more than once before his Tuesday win that he would not change Vision Fleet or Blue Indy or address any of corrupt Greg Ballard's crony illegal deals... in effect, we had Ballard III in Hogsett even before Tuesday's snoozer of an election.