Monday, March 14, 2016

Mean, Short-Sighted, Scary ... Downright Stupid

This Indianapolis Observer wonders how this absolutely vile piece of legislation passed the Indiana Legislature and wound up on Gov. Pence's desk.

As reported on, "Indiana’s Legislature has passed a bill that forces women to give birth if a doctor has detected a fetal abnormality. Which, yes, would mean that a pregnant woman who contracts Zika would lose her right to abortion, while a woman with a healthy pregnancy would retain her right to say no to giving birth. Even some Republicans balked at the sadistic pleasure their colleagues take in the idea of forcing women to give birth to children who will suffer, die or be too much for women to care for.

“'Today is a perfect example of a bunch of middle-aged guys sitting in this room making decisions about what we think is best for women,'[ state Rep. Sean Eberhart, a Republican, said. He voted no on the advice of his wife."

A big shout-out to State Rep. Eberhart for exhibiting common sense and a big slap upside the head to the idiots who voted for this obviously unconstitutional piece of legislation restricting a woman's right to abortion.

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