Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Incredibly Shrinking Star Shrinks Again!

The metro and business sections of The Indianapolis Star are on the road to consolidation.

Steve Berta, the assistant managing editor of business, will also oversee a combined business and metro desk, according to a report in the University of North Carolina's "Talking Biz News" -- not mentioned, of course, in the local rag itself.

"As to how the combined desks will work together, Berta said, 'I’ll let you know when we work out the details' in an e-mail."

Let's see: living, arts, books, comix, entertainment and travel have been "combined", metro and business have been "combined".... We're down to two sections plus the ads!

UPDATE: Biz writer J.K. Wall is leaving The Star to write for the Indianapolis Business Journal in the latest high profile escape from Gannettland.

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Sir Hailstone said...

If you want to find out what's really happening in Indy these days don't even bother with the Star.

Read the IBJ.