Friday, February 9, 2007

Peashakes and the Police

"LEOs, the people who oversee us got so busted!" That's the lead-in to a discussion on the IndyUndercover blog this morning.

Regular readers of that blog site chiefly for and about Indy's law enforcement officers know that one of their continuing gripes is peashake houses -- the low-stakes gambling operations ubiquitous in Center Township -- and the police brass' propensity to ignore enforcement of that particular set of laws governing illegal gambling operations.

Well, the s**t hit the fan this morning when the front page story in The Indianapolis Star spotlighted an altered police report of a peashake bust on Feb. 2.

The first version, filed Feb. 3, quoted a certain State Senator who turned up during the bust. The second, released to the press Feb. 6, omitted any reference to his presence.

"This looks political, smells political and probably is political," says the concluding quote in the article from Henry Karlson, a professor at Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis.

This Indianapolis Observer can't wait for the followup to this story!

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