Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Advance America is the KKK in 21st Century Clothes?

Don't miss "Evangelical Lobbyist Eric Miller: The Most Powerful Man in the Indiana Statehouse" by Laura McPhee in the latest edition of NUVO Newsweekly.

This Indianapolis Observer has long been wary of Eric Miller, and McPhee explains some of the reasons why we should be concerned about his activities.

The many parallels she draws between the Advance America agenda he promotes and that of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana in the 1920s are chilling.

"The political rhetoric and literal mission of lobbyists like Eric Miller and Advance America is a blend of patriotism and religion meant to shape government by giving a voice to the variety of fears and frustrations that resonate with Evangelicals — particularly their frustration over a declining morality and sinners who openly flaunt their disobedience to biblical principles; fear of the wave of immigrants who are threatening the economic and social order of things in their communities; and a post Sept. 11 fatigue that gives rise to a suspicion of all things foreign — including ideas, beliefs and lifestyles they consider alien," she writes.


Jen Wagner over at Taking Down Words points out that Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana did the heavy lifting for this story without receiving credit. Well, McPhee, what about it?

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Anonymous said...

McPhee is about as phony of a journalist as her Ronald McDonald hair color.

Reread most of her stories for NUVO and you'll find she doesn't work like a jounalist. She pulls quotes and data from others stories and other sources rather than pick up a phone and get them herself.

What's astounding is no one at NUVO seems to be monitoring her lack of integrity and truth.