Sunday, March 23, 2008

Follow the Money

Ever since the movie version of "All the President's Men" (about the corrupt Nixon administration) we've been admonished to "follow the money" to vet the actions of politicians.

This Indianapolis Observer notes that Mayor Greg Ballard has announced (seemingly the fourth annual) launch of the "Peace in the Streets" initiative by lavishing money on Christamore House.

Nothing wrong with Christamore -- it's an old, well-established social service agency. Nothing wrong with wanting Peace in the Streets (although announcing it as "new" doesn't pass the sniff test).

But there is something wrong with pouring unspecified amounts money into the former employer of a new deputy mayor (Olgen Williams, pictured) and apparently into the pockets of Peace in the Street's executive director -- and (surprise!) the deputy mayor's son (Aaron Williams) -- for unspecified purposes.

Also, according to WTHR, "The Peace in the Streets Campaign was once headed up by the current Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams."

Check out this blog post, and plan to "follow the money".

Oh, yeah. One of Olgen Williams' sons was arrested Thursday (20 March), but it wasn't Aaron Williams. A report in The Indianapolis Star says that son was Olgen M. Williams. "According to a police report, Williams drove up to a female undercover officer and offered her $16 for oral sex," The Star reports. Interesting that it took several days for news of the arrest to hit print, and interesting that the younger Olgen is a baliff in Marion County Superior Court.

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