Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Symphonies & Dirges

The artists reception for the new exhibitions at the Harrison Center for the Arts, 1505 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, takes place Friday (2 January) from 6 to 9 p.m.

The exhibit, "Symphonies & Dirges - new work by Emma Overman", features "a collection of works based on life's highs and lows, from simple pleasures and trivial inconveniences to great successes and hardships."

In Gallery No. 2 will be "Cargo - new work by Toni Hook", an exhibit of over 20 paintings using shipping pallets as the canvas. "The raw material paired with characteristically American images reflects an unrefined America. Through bold colors and aggressive brushwork, people and ideas become the freight." (That's her "Six Tanks", above right.)

In Hank & Dolly's Gallery there'll be "Botanical Abstractions - new work by Todd Bracik". And, across from the Harrison Gallery, Bruce Benedict and friends perform at 8 p.m.

The artwork hangs through 31 January. For more information, email, or call 317:396-3886.

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