Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Good Old Boys' Club Unravels

This Indianapolis Observer is watching with keen interest the devolution of the Capital Improvements Board (CIB). Once a powerful out-of-sight operator, it's become a caricature of good governance.

If the Hulman family can run the Indianapolis Motor Speedway without influxes of capital from Indy, what's wrong with the Simons (and the Pacers) and the Irsays (and the Colts). If the Indy 500 doesn't need subsidies from Indianapolis, why do basketball and football?

If the "fans" don't support the Pacers and the Colts, why should the city? Enough with the corporate welfare already. Fund culture and the arts, not professional sports!

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Downtown Indy said...

I think it's erroneous to point a finger at the fans. While the gate receipts are significant, the majority of revenue comes from advertisers and the TV contract(s).

That the Pacers are losing money is hardly the fault of reduced attendance, it's due to too much of the total revenue going to players and team owners. There's more than enough money there to feed the machine, it's just siphoned off like a slumlord who collects rent and doesn't invest in his property.