Thursday, April 2, 2009

CIB deal: something is not right

Ruth Holladay says, "Starting with the assumption that we all want the Colts and Pacers to remain in Indy, a quick look at the deal brokered and offered by Sen. Luke Kenley yesterday raises more red flags than a 10-car pileup at the Speedway."

Well, this Indianapolis Observer thinks her assumption is false (if "we all want the Colts and Pacers to remain in Indy" we'd all be buying tickets to the games. And, duh, we aren't.

At this point, who cares if the Colts and Pacers stay in Indy? (Her allusion to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway reminds all of us that the IMS does NOT depend on tax money for its operation.)

What will be hurt by all this is Indy's convention business -- destroying the "downtown" that Mayor Greg Ballard is so worried about. With the highest hospitality taxes in the nation, who in their right mind would put a meeting here?

Kenley and all the rest of the "good old boys" should be ashamed of themselves for lining up behind the Capital Improvements Board. (It would be uncharitable to think they're preserving their box seats for the Colts and Pacers, now wouldn't it?)

Grab your pitchfork and torch and head down to the General Assembly so our elected legislators know that their futures are on the line -- the natives are restless. Just say no to welfare for the fat cats!

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