Friday, May 8, 2009

Throw the Bums Out: Continued Yet Again

From Advance Indiana:

"If you want to see a good example of why Mayor Greg Ballard's plan to bail out the CIB to the tune of $47.5 million a year isn't selling with the public, check out Ballard's performance at the Mayor's Night out in Lawrence on April 21. You can view the video of the meeting by clicking here."

From IndianapolisTimesBlog:

"Mayor Greg Ballard held a meeting Thursday [7 May] with local business leaders and a single legislator to discuss, in the mayor's own words on Twitter, 'options to fix the CIB.'

"According to those who attended the meeting, Ballard offered no new plans and no new ideas. His only solution to the CIB fiasco? Raise taxes. Lots of taxes. Tens of millions of dollars worth of taxes. Taxes. Taxes. Taxes."

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