Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If Corruption Isn't Bad Enough, Indy's Losing the Arts

"To be powerless in an environment where power is the defining force is a terrible thing. This, sadly, is where the Indianapolis arts scene finds itself. Politicians have been able to treat cultural policy here with cavalier indifference, believing they can do so without danger of losing support. It is now up to our creative class to organize and find ways to resist this foreclosure on the city's future."

Thus sayeth David Hoppe in NUVO. This Indianapolis Observer weeps for what has happened to the city in the last couple of years.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Instead of constantly asking for handouts those involved in the arts might examine their own budgets and cut back. The Indy Arts Council has 19 full time employees. They have several top people making more than $100K. Some of the salaries pulled down by others involved in the arts locally is otherwise outrageous. My gosh, the head of the Children's Choic makes something like $130K a year. It's disgusting.

These people are begging for handouts from government, i.e. taxpayers, and then turning around and using it on lavish salaries and benefits for themselves. It would be one thing if government grants were going to help actual artists. It's quite another when it is going to support inflated salaries of those who administer the programs.