Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is Everybody in City Government Corrupt?

The questions swirling around the purchase of BankOne property on the eastside of downtown continue.

"A $65 million public-private plan for the redevelopment of a vacant downtown office building is raising eyebrows for its unusual approach and potential risk to taxpayers," writes Cory Schouten in the Indianapolis Business Journal.

"City of Indianapolis officials' flagrantly ignored Indiana law in awarding more than $20 million in public subsidies to a politically-connected developer recently," asserts Advance Indiana.

"Beyond the clear violation of Indiana's "fair market value" appraisal requirement, the deal as constituted immediately rewarded Tadd Miller with a multi-million-dollar windfall," Advance Indiana says, adding "it's just more pay-to-play bullshit that drives everything in Indianapolis government. The players have no fear of engaging in these 'public-private' partnerships because they know local prosecutors will look the other way, regardless of how badly they screw over the taxpaying public.

This Indianapolis Observer is wondering when Indy's taxpayers will wake up!

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