Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Bloggers Take on Ballard, Again

"Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard's tax and fee increasing administration is at it again - this time proposing to raise downtown parking rates at meters and city-owned garages," writes Paul K. Ogden. "Worse yet, it appears that the administration may try to enter into a long-term privatization deal to lease city-owned spaces, creating a one-time infusion of cash in exchange for a lengthy contract that would allow a private company to raise rates much more easily."


"The City of Indianapolis awarded $18 million in tax abatement incentives to Navistar several years ago to expand and retain jobs," explains Gary R. Welsh. "Instead, the company closed its factory and failed to retain 1,873 jobs as promised. A claw back provision allows the City to recovery some of the unused tax abatement dollars. The tax abatement money comes out of the pockets of the taxing districts located at the site of the factory. Instead of giving the money back to the taxing districts that lost the money, Ballard is giving the money to the ICVA and Economic Development Corporation, two nonprofit entities that essentially operate as slush funds for the mayor."

This Indianapolis Observer can't wait to see what they write after tonight's State of the City address by Mayor Greg Ballard!

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