Thursday, May 20, 2010

Re-re-reinventing the City Market?

A market virtually since the founding of the Hoosier capital city, the Indianapolis City Market has announced plans to reinvent itself, once again. nevermind that we spent $2.7 million three years ago to renovate the main hall -- an effort that has not stemmed the institution's decline.

This Indianapolis Observer has visited (and shopped in) vibrant food markets in other cities (Seattle, Los Angeles, Paris...). Indy is stymied because office workers won't buy fresh when they've got to return to work, and there just aren't enough people living downtown to make it worthwhile. Tourists? With Market Square Arena an unpaved parking lot, there's little reason to head to that side of town.

The solution? Dunno. But pitching more money into yet another renovation is probably throwing good money after bad. Hmmmmm. $2.7 million would keep those six library branches open for another year, yes?

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