Friday, August 20, 2010

Had Enough of Ballard Yet?

"Your parking rates are going to double, and a private firm with strong political ties to Mayor Greg Ballard's administration will make millions at your expense. Ballard's administration announced it will award a 50-year contract to lease the city's parking meters." The rest of Gary R. Welsh's blog post is here.

As reported this morning, "City leaders undoubtedly hope their deal produces better results than a high-profile state contract involving ACS. The firm was one of 10 companies that won a $1 billion, IBM-led contract with the state to privatize Indiana Family & Social Services claims processing. Gov. Daniels ultimately canceled the agreement in October after numerous problems, and FSSA and IBM each have filed lawsuits against the other in Marion County over the cancellation."

Plus, Paul K. Ogden notes: "it cannot be emphasized enough that the City is entering into a 50 year contract. That is not privatization. Privatization is about government leveraging the marketplace to create competition in the delivery of services. Handing a company a 50 year contract is providing a government monopoly over the provision of public services. There will be no market competition holding down rates. There will be no backing out of the contract if city officials are not happy with ACS." See his blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Salaries of ACS falls below the average. They actually fall with in the poverty level. Their employee's are also on a salary freeze and have not received a raise in over three years. They have posted management positions for starting wage $9.50 hourly. Take a look at and the comments from the employee's that work for ACS from all over the country. ACS has a 2.2 company rating. This is a strong indicator that ACS is not the kind of company our city and the people of our city need. Indianapolis needs good, strong, ethical companies like Google, SAS, Qualcomm, and Genentech. Each company has a program that enables employees to voice their ideas, enhances the innovative culture, and ultimately develops ideas that will benefit the business, community, and employee's. Each company supporting innovation. They offer stress free environments and offer their employee's livable wages with exceptional perks. AND their annual earnings and profits are less than ACS.
So, for ACS to "say" they are going to bring 200 jobs with this deal, is insulting.
Their current employee's throughout Indiana live off pennies, food stamps, and are regular patrons of local food pantries.