Monday, November 1, 2010

Dick Cady Nails Indy

The only thing missing from Deadline: Indianapolis is an index.

The first thing any of us want to do when we pick up such a detailed exposé of our hometown is check for our name and then look for the names of all the people we think should be in there. But, Deadline: Indianapolis has no index, so you've just got to read it.

And what a page-turner it is, full of money, sex and power games -- yes, these are the "stories behind the stories at the Pulliam press".

No, your Indianapolis Observer didn't make the cut (whew!), but Cady (a former reporter and editor at The Indianapolis Star) includes lots of familiar names: Richard G. Lugar, Steve Goldsmith, Keith Bulen, Winston Churchill (no, not THAT one), Morty Dock, ESP and ECP, Virginia Dill McCarty, Barry Goldwater, Ed Delaney, Bill Moreau, and many, many more. The connections outlined and the stories told are chilling (the FBI entanglement in Indy corruption is an eye-opener).

There's a Pulitzer and other journalism awards involved in this tale, but the unfortunate take-away is that political corruption is the default state for big cities such as ours. Exposing it requires a watch-dog press -- something Indy hasn't had since the Pulliams tossed their newspapers into the Gannett maw and walked away with their millions.

Note to Evan Bayh: You might want to check out what Cady says about your time as governor.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on Indianapolis. I did order Dick Cady's DEADLINE INDIANAPOLIS yesterday, where Amazon announced they only had one copy left. The sign of our times is the failure of the paid press.

Kassee said...

Cady is full of it as usual. Unsubstantiated claims and stories trying to make a buck in his retirement. Its easier when many of his subjects have died.

L. Kassee Bulen