Friday, November 19, 2010

Get Over Yourself?

Matthew Tully's column this morning in The Indianapolis Star on the backlash against TSA's groping at airports shows that he doesn't get out much. (It's here, at least until it disappears behind the paper's paywall.)

If he were a road warrior, or even a semi-frequent flyer, he'd know that the new "feel up" screenings are not only intrusive and personally offensive but ineffective. There's not one recent terrorist attack that would have been stopped by this (all originated overseas, where the TSA does not operate).

This is just a new layer of "security theater" provided courtesy of our amateur (or, as Tully notes, $25,000/year) TSA employees. Even pilots and flight attendants are just saying "no" -- and no one has more "exposure" to airplane terrorist attacks than those two categories.

It's the TSA that should get over itself!

For a discussion of the controversy by someone who actually is a security expert, start with this commentary on Bruce Schneier's blog, "Schneier on Security".

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