Monday, February 27, 2012

"Vote fraud retires shameless GOP official"

Charles "White has yet to accept responsibility for intentionally defrauding the state of Indiana as two different judges, in two different cases, have now found that he did."

Yep. Our former Secretary of State, now convicted felon, is excoriated in the national press, again.

"A lot of Republicans complain about voter fraud. [Republican] Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White actually committed it."

Read it all here.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

What a biased article. We have politicians, including Mr. Lugar and Mr. Bayh, and their wives doing the same thing White was convicted of doing, multiple times over. They both have gotten passes. We have Daniels voting in Marion County, though he lives in Hamilton County. We have five sheriff deputies and a city police officer being investigated for voter fraud initiated by the prosecutor out there who himself was a target of an investigation involving a Sheriff's office employee.

The law is clearly not being applied equally. If you're popular you get a pass. If someone has a grudge against you, you become a target.