Monday, July 27, 2009

IMS and Tony George

This Indianapolis Observer has had conversations with several members of the out of town press who are "shocked" and "amazed" at Tony George's ouster from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It seems that George, himself, is confused:

"I continue to be perplexed by the board’s recent decision to relieve me from my responsibility as CEO of the enterprise. To date, I have not received a reasonable explanation as to why; the statement they released to the press not withstanding, I feel as though after 20 years I am entitled to one. I understand that maybe they don’t feel that they owe me an explanation."

So writes Tony George at Vision Racing (source also of his photo, above).

This Indianapolis Observer is worried that this inter-familial dispute will adversely affect the Greatest Spectacle in Racing -- definitely a troublesome thought on the speedway's centennial!

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Anonymous said...

Look for the family to sell the IMS. Looks like they got Tony out of theway so they could.