Sunday, July 19, 2009

Politics is Never Transparent

On the surface it sounds inconsequential: the Indianapolis Business Journal reports that Mayor Greg Ballard wants to bid out management of the city's golf courses. But, then, things get murky. As Paul Ogden explains on his blog, it appears the contracts will be let for "personal services", as Mayor Steve Goldsmith did a few years ago. Ogden continues, "When contracts are for personal services, it is much easier to shake down potential contractors. It happens all the time with the city's legal work. That work is routinely channelled to the city's big law firms which contribute the most to the winning mayoral candidate. Indeed, then Mayor Goldsmith's financial reports at the time showed that every golf pro who won a contract to run a city golf course had made significant contributions to the Goldsmith campaign. Is there reason to expect anything less from the Ballard administration?"

This Indianapolis Observer doesn't play golf, but...good heavens, guys! Many Indy taxpayers do.

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