Sunday, July 12, 2009

Super Bowl Surprises

"Most of the companies that agreed to help underwrite the 2012 Super Bowl are standing by their commitments even as the recession wreaks havoc on their businesses," writes Cory Schouten in The Indianapolis Business Journal. "Of $25 million pledged by more than 80 companies before last year’s bid process, only about $1 million is at risk, said host committee head Mark Miles. And some of that $1 million likely still will be paid, Miles said, though donors want to modify the five-year payment schedule to preserve cash during the recession.

"The host committee has been quietly approaching other potential donors to make up for the shortfall. And even though the big game is about 940 days away, event officials already are working out details for the festivities from a suite atop Pan Am Plaza."

OK, so far, but then he includes this zinger of a paragraph (italics added):

"During the event, the group must maintain a one-mile-wide 'clean zone' around Lucas Oil Stadium to prevent any non-NFL-sanctioned marketing activities. And it might temporarily relocate the U.S. Post Office facility across from the stadium."

What? What's a "clean zone"? One mile is virtually all of downtown (remember: it's a mile square, and the stadium is just south of South Street)! No non-NFL-sanctioned marketing activities by any of the downtown businesses? They can't "market" themselves during the Super Bowl timeframe? What the heck does that mean? And -- "relocate" Indy's main post office????

Paul K. Ogden has this to add: "Let's say you own a restaurant, six blocks from Lucas Oil Stadium and you want to put up a banner inside your establishment welcoming out-of-towners during the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. That would be illegal under most 'clean' ordinances. Instead you have to buy your banner from the NFL or be subject to a several thousand dollar fine."

Remind this Indianapolis Observer again why hosting the Super Bowl is such a super idea!

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