Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Has the S#%@ Hit the Fan?

Morale seems to be at a crisis point at the new Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Check the Indy Undercover for the latest on the feud between the law enforcement officers and the brass.

Between the demotions and the firings...well, read it for yourselves.

Others have taken up the inquiry. Check out this post by Karen Celestino Horseman on the American Values Alliance blogspot, posted 21 June 2007.

Check out what The Indianapolis Star has to say about the topic in the online version of "Behind Closed Doors" on Sunday, 24 June 2007:

Reserve deputy gets boot over blog

Marion County Sheriff Frank Anderson fired a volunteer reserve deputy this month for his "dastardly" and "boorish" criticism of the department on a Web site.

Anderson fired Rick Skirvin on June 5 from his $5-a-year job as a reserve deputy assigned to drive a prisoner-transport vehicle after Skirvin admitted criticizing department officials on the blog IndyUndercover.

A statement from Anderson's office used the words "dastardly," "boorish" and "pernicious" to describe Skirvin's actions.

"If Skirvin had valid constructive criticism of the Marion County Sheriff's Department, he should have acted in accord with departmental rules and regulations," the statement said. "Instead, under cover of darkness, Skirvin elected to anonymously spread his noxious screed over the Internet."

Skirvin, who runs a business that installs and maintains cryogenic freezers for the health-care industry, said he immediately acknowledged authoring the posting and expected to be reprimanded. He said he was stunned by his firing.

"In the 21/2 years I was on the street, I never had one complaint from a citizen or anyone on the department," Skirvin said. "The sheriff is always preaching accountability. I bought into that. I was accountable for my actions. Unfortunately, some people don't live by what they preach."

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