Friday, June 1, 2007

Lacy Leadership Concludes Indy Needs Rapid Transit

Research conducted by the Mayor’s Leadership Cadre (a subset of the Lacy Leadership Association) suggests that Indianapolis is more than ready for rapid transit. The cadre recommended Automated Guideway Transit for its speed and capacity, and found that commuters, out-of-town travelers, teenagers and shoppers would be potential high-use riders.

Nearly 1800 respondents to the cadre's survey agreed that Indianapolis needs an improved Rapid Transit System. (Click here to read the White Paper.)

A long-term vision for, and commitment to, Indianapolis-area rapid
transit system development is a key imperative for today’s civic leaders, the cadre concluded. "The mobility of our citizenry depends on it. The sustainability of our environment depends on it. The quality of our residents’ lives depends on it. The economic growth and very competitiveness of our region depends on it.

"The people are ready. When are the trains a-comin’?"

Members of the Lacy Leadership Association are alumni of Leadership Education and Development (LEAD), Opportunity Indianapolis (OI) and the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series (SKL). LLA provides a platform for members to address and advance community issues; hosts networking, educational and service events; and conducts two annual leadership development programs for community members.

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