Sunday, June 24, 2007

The IMPD Has Gone Completely Nuts!

WTHR-Channel 13 reports that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police -- in a crazy bit of "post 9/11" -- told a tourist in town for the F-1 race to stop taking pictures downtown for security reasons.

"Two police cars came up," Miller said by phone Friday. "One on the side of me and one behind me with their lights flashing. And some officers got out and said 'what were you taking pictures of?' I said, 'Well the art exhibit.' He said, 'I need to see it, for matters of homeland security. You can't be taking pictures around here,'" Miller recalled the officer saying to him hours after the race....

According to IMPD, pictures of certain government facilities are off limits. Never mind that Stop 10 of the Opie art exhibit [see photo!] sits smack in front of the City-County Building....

So, here's what this Indianapolis Observer suggests. Y'all get your cameras and head downtown and shoot up a storm around the City-County Building. They can't arrest us all!

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