Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Proteomics Research at IUPUI

Using high-speed computer networks and Indiana University's supercomputer, a team of researchers from IU and Purdue University will be contributing to an open-source bioinformatics software platform development project in proteomics ( the study of the structure and function of proteins), thanks to a $25,000 bioinformatics research award from the Canary Foundation, reports the IUPUI News Bureau.

The San Jose-based foundation's slogan is "stopping cancer early", and it awards funding for cancer-related research to accelerate realization of that goal.

Canary, and the LabKey Software Foundation designated five grant recipients from around the world for their Bioinformatics Platform Dissemination Award, and among the 50 contenders was the Indiana bioinformatics group, led by Dr. Jake Y. Chen (above, left), assistant professor of informatics and computer science, IU School of Informatics at IUPUI.

The awarded research teams nationwide will share $225,000 in total funding to be used to customize and expand CPAS (Computational Proteomics Analysis System), an open source proteomics data analysis and data management platform. CPAS is based on LabKey Server and includes a large number of proteomics data processing tools.

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