Friday, December 9, 2016

HUSTLER Hollywood is Coming to Indy!

Your Indianapolis Observer seems to have missed the controversy. So, for those who follow such things, here's the official press release:

"HUSTLER Hollywood today responded to community concerns and outcry regarding the location of its proposed Indianapolis retail store along with brand misperceptions by local residents.

"Despite rumors surrounding the proposed HUSTLER Hollywood store in Indianapolis, the company currently has 21 stores throughout the country and is aggressively expanding operations. The company has doubled the number of its retail locations over the past year and plans to have close to 30 locations by the end of 2017.

"When looking at a potential location, HUSTLER Hollywood conducts thorough due diligence in each city with a team made up of lawyers, real estate experts, and its retail executives. All zoning regulations and retail codes from the city are obtained, and each store and its displays are individually tailored to meet all local city requirements. HUSTLER Hollywood never violates city zoning laws and works closely with city officials and agencies to obtain all necessary permits.

"Based on Indianapolis’ qualifications for a retail store, HUSTLER Hollywood is a retail store. The zoning board used discretionary action to reclassify the business after the fact based on emotional and knee-jerk reactions from some of its residents.

"HUSTLER Hollywood has stood distinctly apart from its peers by offering an upscale consumer experience, and unparalleled customer service. HUSTLER Hollywood is an upscale boutique that offers all the top pleasure product brands, lingerie and much more, including a large selection of apparel, sportswear, accessories, jewelry, gifts & novelties, along with bath & body items. Supported by knowledgeable and dedicated staff trained to provide education and recommendations based on individual needs, we are dedicated to ensuring every customer feels welcome and comfortable while experiencing our shopping environment."

HUSTLER Hollywood is an upscale, modern erotic boutique offering sex toys, lingerie, apparel, funny gifts and more to the sexually curious. With Pence as Trump's VP, it seems perfectly logical that HUSTLER would consider the Hoosier metropolis for an outpost.