Friday, November 25, 2022

"Let's do a story about roundabouts"

Carmel gets another shoutout for its roundabouts -- and a confirmation of the Hoosier pronunciation of the suburb's name!

Check out the article in the Washington Post: Roundabouts are (slowly!) eating the suburbs

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Mike Pence Just Can't Get It Right

"Mike Pence says Americans don't have a right to freedom from religion," notes the headline in According to our "esteemed" former governor, "the First Amendment to the United States Constitution does not protect Americans from having other people's faiths forced upon them."

Pence shares an interpretation of the First Amendment that strays wildly from what Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison clearly spelled out more than two centuries ago.

"There are no references to a supreme being anywhere in the Constitution, because the Founding Fathers were adamantly opposed to centralized religious power as well as requiring individuals to subscribe to any particular denomination."

Don't let the Christian Nationalists claw their way to oppression of those who don't "subscribe" to their "particular denomination". Vote as if democracy depended on it (because it does).