Monday, June 4, 2007

OMG! The incredibly shrinking Star shrinks again!

Taking Down Words reports this evening that The Indianapolis Star is downsizing (further) its business coverage.

"At a meeting this afternoon, the Star's top brass announced that, despite being one of the few major dailies in the country to increase circulation in the last quarter, the paper will be deep-sixing its stand-alone business section in short order," TDW reports.
"Come on down, Indianapolis Business Journal. You've got the golden ticket."

As of Wednesday, 6 June, IBJ reports:
"Editor Dennis Ryerson said today that details of the changes are being ironed out. Ryerson said the new section has not yet been named, but it has been determined that business columnists John Ketzenberger and Daniel Lee will be rotated with Metro & State columnists including Matthew Tully on the Metro & State front."

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