Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Council members are getting played...."

Did we elect naifs to the City-County Council? This Indianapolis Observer once thought that only seasoned politicos (or, at least friends or relatives of seasoned politicos) got elected. Guess not!

Here's what Paul K. Ogden reports on his blog today (emphasis added):

"I was at a Pike Township town hall meeting hosted by Councilors Jose Evans and Mike Speedy last week. CIB's representatives at the meeting were CIB executive director Barney Levengood and CIB board member Dorothy Henry. Like at the council meeting, Levengood and Henry attempted to skate by the Pacers $15 million question without answering it. Unlike the council committee meeting last night, in Pike the audience would not let them off the hook. They kept asking follow-up questions. Levengood and Henry eventually conceded that, yes, the $15 million Pacer subsidy was still part of the package and that the CIB intended to go through with it. Councilor Mike Speedy seemed stunned. I think he had been led to believe the CIB had dropped the idea."

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