Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scientech Club's 90th Anniversary

Interesting piece today in The Indianapolis Star's "North Indy" on the Scientech Club, which has been meeting every Monday for lunch for 90 years now.

Founded by 164 charter members* with science backgrounds, it celebrates its anniversary at 5:30 p.m. 3 October in Northside Knights of Columbus Hall, 2100 East 71st Street, Indianapolis (tickets are $25). Speaker will be John Herbst, CEO of the Indiana Historical Society, whose topic is "Time Travel in Popular Culture".

Their next regular gathering is 28 September, when Dr. Christopher Leamon will talk about "Folate Targeted Therapies for Cancer".

You can read more abut the club on its website, which notes the following about membership:

"Scientech club membership represents a broad array of knowledge and experience, and persons from all disciplines are welcome to join the Club. In accordance with the Club Charter, 'members are good-natured all of the time, serious in purpose most of the time, given to fun part of the time, and free from bitterness at any time.'

"You can obtain a membership application by coming to a meeting, introducing yourself, and joining in the conversation over lunch. You will have a name badge identifying you as a visitor."

Ten members have received Sagamore of the Wabash honors from the governor of Indiana:
Elton T. Ridley (1986), Bob Annis (1987), Dr. William H. Dick (1990), Dr. Larry L. Heck (1990), J. Darrell Bakken (1994), Robert S. Sorensen (1997), Dr. John N. Pittman (2000), Leland Tanner (2000), Malcolm Mallette (2004), and Dr. Charles R. Thomas (2006).

*Charter members included D.J .Angus, Hugh J. Baker, Elwood Haynes, W. H. Insley, Eli Lilly, Willbur Shook, and Dr. Frank Wade.

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