Monday, October 12, 2009

Sure: It's All About Politics, Again

You'd think that the City-County Council would want to CONSERVE money in this recession-influence budget cycle, but, no. They want to spend close to $300K on absolute political maneuvering.

As Advance Indiana notes:

"I, along with many of my friends in the Republican Party, strongly object to what the council Republicans are trying to do here. The law clearly mandates that redistricting must occur the second year after the decennial census data becomes available. The Republicans are convinced they will lose control of the council in 2011 under the current map. This must be largely based on their belief they cannot win the four at-large council races, which tend to follow the outcome of the mayor's race. In other words, they don't believe Greg Ballard has a snowball's chance in hell of being re-elected. Assuming a redistricting occurs next year, an argument could be made that Indiana law would require a second redistricting to occur in 2012."
This Indianapolis Observer says: Contact your C-C councillor and tell 'em you object to this stupid waste of money!

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