Monday, February 15, 2010

Bayh Quits!

As Paul K. Ogden notes on his blog: "There has to be more to this story. A two-term incumbent U.S. Senator doesn't suddenly pull out just days before the filing deadline unless there is a bigger reason than what Bayh cited."

Or, as Matthew Tully sez on his Indianapolis Star blog today, "What began as a slow and snowy Presidents Day in Indiana suddenly became one of the biggest political days in the state in this young century."

This Indianapolis Observer wonders when the second shoe's gonna drop!

UPDATE (16 February 2010):
Wonkette says, "Here is why he is not running: Congress is broken and our nation is on the brink of failure, so like a brave statesman, it is his duty to… run away from the problem as fast as possible and make buttloads of $$$ lobbying for one special interest or another!"

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