Monday, April 12, 2010

Musings on the Library

This Indianapolis Observer, reflecting on the current funding crisis for the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, notes that s/he has never set foot in the new Central Library downtown. However, s/he visits the neighborhood branch two or three times every month.

Is there some sort of better use for the Central Library? More marketing as an event venue, for example? Not sure Indy needs it as a "library".


Blog Admin said...

From what I hear, the auditorium they have is used quite frequently. But if any library should look at cutting hours, it's this one. Downtown is usually dead on Sundays, same goes for Central.

That said, the Law Library at the City-County Building was de-funded this year and quietly closed down. Most of the resources are now located at Central. That's a big reason to keep Central up and running.

I think it might be better to look at, if we do actually really need to close branches, look at other, more suburban ones. I won't name names, but one library that I used to frequent is basically a glorified daycare center for high school kids. I rarely experience a quiet moment in that branch.

Blog Admin said...
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